To pace or not to pace?

I was recently asked by a friend if I would pace her through her first half marathon.  I have not yet paced anyone and have only completed one half marathon myself.  During marathon training I ran several long runs that were above half marathon distance but still have not completed another half marathon.  She said that my marathon inspired her to get training and to create a goal race for herself.

So the question remains, do I pace her or not?  I would love the experience of running another half marathon! But, I am afraid that I will be too focused on getting myself through it to ensure that I can get my friend through the race.  I think that I will end up pacing her, or at least trying my best to pace her!

She has signed up for the Mississaugua Half Marathon and I look forward to being able to try a new race.  Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on the Mississaugua Half?


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