A Day of Firsts!

Today was a fantastic day of firsts.  It was my first time riding a snowmobile and my first time ice fishing!  I had such a great time going out on the ice and it was really neat to experience a new side of winter fun. The lake was covered in snow and it was still snowing a lot when we were out there.  At one point it was a white-out and you couldn’t even see the other huts nearby.  I have been trying to explore the outdoors more and learn more about winter activities in Ontario and today was a great day to try new things.


We headed out on the lake on the snowmobiles after loading them up with the gear for the hut.  I had so much riding the snowmobiles.  It was really fun to be out on the lake in the winter and to see it all covered in snow.  We only had a pop-up tent but it was still really great to protect us from all of the snow that was coming down. My uncle drilled the holes into the ice and we set up our tent to begin fishing!


We fished for about 3 hours and only caught two fish (I caught both!).  We had the fish finder set up and it was not picking up any activity.  After about an hour of no bites we decided to pack it in.

IMG_6298 IMG_6300 IMG_6306

It was really fun to spend time with family and to get to try something new.  I will definitely be going out again soon to see if I can catch some more! Have you tried any fun new outdoor winter activities?  How was your experience? Would you do it again?


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