MoveIt Monday & WinterShapeUp

Today I joined two campaigns for wellness! I joined in on MoveIt Monday which is about making sure you get up and become active.  I also joined the WinterShapeUp a week late but it is an awesome workout.  I am hoping to become fitter, and stay active during the winter!  We got a huge dump of snow last night so I stayed inside for my activity today. With no way to make it out to the trails I turned my run into an interval workout.

I ran this morning on the treadmill and did an interval workout because I hate just straight running on the treadmill.  The workout I did was awesome!  I really enjoyed it and will definitely do it again.  I have copied the workout here.

Then this evening, I did the Barre workout for Week 2 of WinterShapeUp.  This workout was really hard and was a great introduction to the program for me.  My legs were shaking right from the start!

If you are looking to get active, the MoveIt Monday campaign is really a great encouragement.  All you need to do is try to get active on Monday of every week, by going for a short walk or playing a short game.  Overall, I had a great time trying out these new workouts and I am looking to the next ones!


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