Winter Running Motivation

Anyone else having trouble getting up when it’s still dark out and making yourself go outside to run in the freezing cold temperatures?  I certainly was.  The winter is finally reaching that point where it has been cold for a while now, and I’m ready for it to be over!  I have been looking for ways to stay motivated throughout the cold and have come up with a few ideas that make sure I stick to my planned workouts!

1) Make it a date! – I have recently begun running with my Aunt who lives nearby and it has actually been awesome to commit to my running!  We meet three times a week, waaaaay too early in the morning, but because I have to meet her I actually get out there for the run.  By having a partner that I need to meet up with it makes me accountable and gets me outside on days I would probably just stay asleep.  If you have friends you can plan to run with them or join a local running group.  By maintaining fitness throughout the winter it will really help you be race ready come spring! Plus, the views are awesome when you get up before the sun!


2) Interval workouts – these have really helped me to break up the boring treadmill runs I have done when it is just too cold to go outside.  An interval workout leaves you feeling great afterwards and is much easier to get through than a simple run on the treadmill.  You can find loads of interval workouts on the internet but I listed a few of my favourites below!

3) Strength training – to help beat my winter blues about running I have started some strength training programs like the Nike Training Club and the Winter Shape Up.  I use my strength training days to supplement my running days and ensure that I am still being active.  This way I don’t feel bad when I don’t go outside for a run because I have done a hard workout indoors instead.  Plus, strength training is a really important part of running and if I keep building strength now, hopefully I can beat some of my records this upcoming season!





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