Discovering Running Free

This weekend I took my step-dad down to Running Free near our house because he has mentioned that he needed a new running jacket.  He had never been to Running Free and didn’t even know the store existed!  When we walked in to the store his jaw hit the floor and he was in heaven!  I first learned of the Running Free because it was a sponsor to my first half marathon.  I got a coupon from the race and thought I would check out the store.

My step-dad was not disappointed with the store.  He ended up buying a singlet, new jacket for 50% off and some electrolyte tablets to try.  Every time I go to the store I end up finding something I didn’t know I needed and buy more running gadgets.  I will continue to visit this store and have now created another new customer!  The link below takes you to their online store where you can buy merchandise and have it shipped!


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