Surfset Fitness Review: A wicked way to shake up your workout!

I had my fourth Surfset class tonight and I am officially in love!  I have tried three different types of the class and tonight was my favourite.  The Nourish members have been so nice and welcoming and I have loved getting to try these classes!

The first class, Surfset Balance, was a slower paced class that focused on balance and challenged the stabilizing muscles all over your body.  It was such a good workout that I had to try more!  It is kind of frightening to get on the board at first, but once you try it you get used to it pretty quickly!

Surfset Build was more about using resistance training to build muscle.  This class was just as awesome as the first, but also challenged different muscle groups which was great.  It was a medium paced class, that used the boards and resistance bands to complete exercises.  We did a variety of intervals and strength exercises to make the time fly by.  This class left me feeling like I had an awesome workout!

Surfset Blend was my final and favourite class!  This one was high paced and combined all of the types of exercises!  We did some balance, some strength and some high intensity intervals that made you really feel like you were working hard!  This class was my favourite and I will definitely be back to try it again!

Have you ever tried a new fitness class?  What did you think?


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