WIAW: my first linkup post!

This week I decided I would join Peas and Crayons on the What I Ate Wednesday link up!  Turns out she has sent the link up over to Clean Eats, Fast Feets to host this week.  Today was the weirdest day in terms of eating patterns for me but I committed to doing this post so here goes nothing!

8:30 – My sister and I were heading down to brunch to meet our family so I made a quick smoothie to bring on the road.  I can’t go without eating once I wake so I made this tasty drink to do the trick!


And I have this awesome travel cup from Magic Bullet so it was perfect for the car!


11:00 – We finally arrived at brunch and I dug in to my french toast and eggs!  Figured I had my fruit serving for breakfast from the smoothie 😉 Gotta love homestyle brunch (every once in a while!)

IMG_6804 copy

2:00 – Banana bread snack at my aunt’s house after a wonderful walk following brunch.  Such yummy banana bread along with tea.  I’ll have to go back to visit and ask her to make some more!


4:30 – Pre-workout snack of apples and extra old cheddar!  I love having apples and cheese and it hit the spot before my late workout!


7:00 – We got back from our workout and made the Lentil Salad I posted about earlier! It definitely lived up to all of the hype!


It doesn’t look that pretty but it sure tastes good!


7:30 – And finally, the boyfriend’s parents got home and made a pasta dinner for us so I had a bit to finish up my supper!


This was one of the weirdest Wednesdays I have had in a while!  I am usually a “three-square meals” person with a snack between each meal! Maybe next week will be back to normal!

Have you tried anything new recently that you loved?


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