Friday Five: Foods you should try!

This week’s Friday Five linkup is themed favourite spring foods.  I am joining CourtneyCynthia and Mar for the Friday Five Linkup.

The theme of this post is perfect considering Easter is just around the corner!  Here are my five favourite spring foods:

1) Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs hold a special place in my heart in relation to Easter.  When I was little we used to eat them with family.  I love hard boiled eggs and making them deviled is so much better!  You can find lots of healthier ways to devil eggs on the internet also so that they don’t have to be so indulgent!

2) Mini eggs

Mini eggs are the best thing related to spring/Easter.  Now that they are available all year its not as special but they are still a delicious Easter treat I love!

3) Fresh salad

I am looking forward to having so much fresh food and produce available because of spring finally arriving. Now that vegetables will be more available locally, I will be eating more locally grown vegetables with all of my meals!

4) BBQ food

Warm(er) weather means BBQ season!  My family loves to BBQ everrrrrrything!  We enjoy grilling our meat, instead of baking or broiling.  My favourite BBQ item are fresh hamburgers.  I cannot wait until the thick of summer and we can BBQ everything!

5) Smoothies

Smoothies are the best warm weather sipping drink.  They are filling and tasty at the same time.  Smoothies also remind me of summer.  And spring means that summer is coming soon!  I love having smoothies for snacks and breakfast!  I am so excited the season is changing and fresh and light foods are back in season!


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