Race Recap: Pick Your Poison Trail Run!

On Saturday morning I ran my first ever trail race! And man oh man was it fun!  Pick Your Poison is the first race in the Ontario Ultra Series and is held at a cross-country ski club.  The course is a technically moderate 12.5km loop that is a combination of single track trails, open trails and ski hills.  There are several challenging hills on the course, but for every uphill that slows you down there is a downhill to make up the time on!


Now on to my race! I had never run a 12.5km race so this race for me was an instant PR!  My step-dad ran the race last year and based on his time, I created my own goal.  I wanted to finish under an hour and a half.  I didn’t put too much pressure on myself while running because I wanted to enjoy myself!  I tried my best to look around and enjoy the scenery of the race but I had to keep my eyes on the trail a lot to make sure I didn’t fall!  My favourite section of the race was on the single track switch-backs where you get to wind your way through the forest.  When I came around the last hill and could see the finish, my watch said 1:27 so I booked it down the hill to finish under 1:30.  I did and have officially set a new PR!

A fun look at the elevation profile!
A fun look at the elevation profile!

This race was so much fun and I will definitely do it again next year!  If you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself or want a change of scenery, then trail running is definitely for you!  Find a nearby trail race and get off the roads!



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