Trying Something New: Mountain Biking!

Over the past few days I have been hitting the trails a lot, except this time I have been biking.  I took my first ride of Tuesday afternoon in Glen Major Forest in Pickering and it was awesome.  My boyfriend and I did a 4km ride through the trails and it was a super fun ride for my first time!  The trail was a combination of single track and wider trails and was part of the Trans Canada Trail.


View from the top of the ride!

It was a really fun ride to get me used to the idea of mountain biking.  We are going to participate in the Storm The Scarpment race this fall, so we are getting used to riding and training for that race!


I also went riding last night at Hardwood Hills.  They have a Wednesday night riding league that my family is a part of, so I tagged along to try it out (without racing yet!).  It was a really fun course area to ride, and I rode the fun course that was 6km long.  It was kind of tough, but not too challenging for a beginner.  They have a variety of courses of varying lengths for any skill of rider. It was a really fun night of riding and it was a super good workout!  I can’t wait to keep training on the bike this summer!


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