Race Recap: My First ever Race

My first running race took place at the Lindsay Milk Run.  This race was the beginning step in marathon journey.  I had never run a race before and this race was a great first experience!

The Milk Run is an annual event that has a 5k and a 10k race.  I ran the 10k as my first race to get used to running in a race environment.  I was fairly nervous before the race which was nice to get out the nerves before the marathon.

Nervous before the race!
Nervous before the race!

I started out fast for the race, but slowed into a steady pace.  There were a ton of aid stations on the course, which I was thankful for as it was July! I felt awesome throughout the whole race and enjoyed every bit of the experience!

Finished my first race!
Finished my first race!

For a small race, the Lindsay Milk Run has an awesome post race celebration.  Once you finish you can get milk. chocolate milk and sometimes ice cream all provide by Kawartha Dairy!  I can’t wait to do this race again this year!


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