Long Weekend Outdoor Fun!

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?!  Mine was fantastic!  It was a long weekend for us so I got to enjoy it at the Cottage and out on the trails!  Cottage sunsets are my favourite thing in the world.



I finally hit up the cottage trail for the first time this summer, which was super fun!  My sister and I got out for an early Saturday morning run, which was hotter than we expected!  I am excited to be running more with her this summer and to get out on the trail where I spent most of last summer training.  This trail is one of my favourites I have ever run on.

Click to check out more on insta!
Click to check out more on insta!

I had to work on Sunday so I headed home early from the Cottage, but I got to spend all of Monday evening on the trails.  Biking was super fun and we also threw in some geocaching to make the bike ride more exciting!








On the way back to our cars we saw a huge snapping turtle on the side of the trail!  I have seen many baby turtles on the trail so it was really fun to see the full sized turtle!



All-in-all I’d say it was an awesome weekend!  I am super happy to have spent most of it outdoors!  Can’t wait for summer!

What did you do this weekend?! How did you get outside and move?!


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