Mountain Biking Adventures!

As you may have read already, I started mountain biking this year, and I am really loving it!  I have been riding weekly when I can at the Hardwood Hills Wednesday night race series and I have been off on a few other adventures as well.  I am enjoying having the flexibility of choosing whether to bike or run, or both, whatever I am feeling on a given day.  My aunt has been teaching me how to bike and it has been a blast!  Here are a few pictures from some of the places we have biked recently!

South Simcoe Forest



IMG_7655  IMG_7658

Glen Major Forest



Ken Reid Conservation Area





Where do you bike or run?!


One thought on “Mountain Biking Adventures!

  1. It looks like you are getting to see a lot of cool sights on your bike paths! I don’t bike, but I like to run on trails so that I can get some good scenery in. But since trail running is harder, I tend to do it less often…


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