#MotivateMe Monday: How to Get out of a Funk

Here’s another post to start the week off with #MotivateMe Monday.  Today I am linking up with Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel to hopefully motivate you to get out there and move!


Have you ever been in a funk? Like I mean really unmotivated, and not wanting to exercise.  Sometimes I get into a funk and can’t seem to get myself out the door.  When this funk happens, you want to try anything and everything to get back into routine and start moving again.  Here are 5 tips to get you back to feeling like you’re ready to take on the world!

1) Try something new – try something new to get yourself out the door.  Choose a seasonal sport or something that you’ve always wanted to give a shot.  Sign up for a new class, or new sport and get yourself moving

2) Go back to something old – maybe trying something new isn’t your thing, why not go back to something you used to love.  Sign up to play a sport you enjoyed in school or take a class you tried a while ago!  Knowing that you are going to enjoy your workout will help you stick to it

3) Change your scenery – try exercising in a different area to refresh your routine.  Run a new trail, find a new route through your neighbourhood or move your gym workout to your backyard.  Switch it up and you’ll feel renewed to start working hard again

4) Find a friend – having someone to be accountable to can help you keep your workouts.  Meet up with someone for a run or join someone at the gym.  Having a training partner will make it easier to get out the door

5) Start small – if you feel like you can’t workout at all, make a small change to get yourself moving again.  Start with a short walk and then slowly get back to your fitness routine.  Setting small goals will help you gain confidence and be more likely to succeed

Getting out of a funk can be difficult, but finding something you like will help you to be successful.  Pick something you find enjoyable and get moving!

Here’s to getting back out to the trail!



One thought on “#MotivateMe Monday: How to Get out of a Funk

  1. I often use the 15 minute rule: get myself out there for 15 minutes and if it still sucks…end the workout, because it usually doesn’t suck after 15 minutes. And sometimes I just change my focus: focus on rec sports vs just running.
    Great Tips!!


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