Top 3 On-the-Go Snacks!

I have been trying a bunch of different snacks lately, trying to find my new go-to.  I like snacks that keep me full and are easy to bring anywhere, whether on a run, out biking the trails or on a car trip somewhere.


Here are my top snacks that you should try next time you’re out and about!

1) Mamma Chia – Chia Squeeze


This is one of my new favourites.  I got to try Mamma Chia products because I won a giveaway from Carlee and Mamma Chia!  The chia squeeze is the most portable Mamma Chia snack I was able to test out and although it takes some getting used to because the texture is a little different, they are really yummy.  They have been my go to for work and exercise!


I have been lucky to be able to try so many different kinds and I love all of them.  This snack is packed full of good nutrition with Omega 3s, protein and fibre!  Next time you need a snack on the run, try one of these awesome treats!

2) Probar – Probar Base Cookie Dough


I also discovered this tasty treat thanks to Carlee and her blog!  I had been searching all over trying to find Probars, and when I went to go pick up some more Mamma Chia snacks I found all kinds of Probars!  I decided to try the cookie dough and was very pleased with this awesome bar.  This bar is part of their base series for post exercise.   It packs a bunch of protein and tastes really good!  Also, the texture is not like other protein bars, this bar is probably my favourite I’ve ever had!


3) Hemp HeartsIMG_7996

I have been sent many Manitoba Harvest sample packages lately and I am so glad because my hemp heart supply has been getting low!  These are the greatest to add to almost anything!  I love to add them to yogurt in the morning, or mix them into a smoothie!  They also taste great on salads and can be used in baking.  They are super portable and give you some extra fibre when you know you are going to be extra hungry!  Hemp hearts are so versatile, they can go anywhere!

4) Awake ChocolateIMG_8082

This has been my guilty pleasure lately.  These chocolate bars come packed with some extra caffeine to give you a kick when you don’t feel like coffee!  This treat is great for those times where you need a little bit extra to get you going!

What’s your go-to snack?


3 thoughts on “Top 3 On-the-Go Snacks!

      1. I brought the berry meal bars and cherry cashew bite bars on the John Muir Trail. They were a godsend, so good!


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