Race Recap: 5 Peaks Albion Hills – Friday Five

This weekend I ran my first 5 Peaks race at Albion Hills and today I am sharing it with you!  This post is a linkup with Jessica at The Silvah Lining, Mary Beth at Tutus and Tennies and Jennifer at Runs With Pugs.  I hope you enjoy this post and be sure to check out the others posted on the linkup!
The Silvah Lining
Let’s get right into it!  This race was the fourth in the 5 Peaks series in Ontario this summer, however, it was the first race that I had participated!  This race took place at Albion Hills conservation area and was named accordingly.  I may have renamed it Albion Hell during particularly tough parts, but I tend to do that when I race is getting the better of me!
Everyone playing a game to win prizes! 
We arrived to the race area nice and early and got all registered and ready to race.  We checked out all of the vendors and then determined our starting waves.  The pre-race instructions allowed runners to determine their starting wave based on road 5k times so my cousin and I parked it near the back to avoid the crowded trails!
The fun race swag!
The trail was awesome!  It was mostly single track that had been former mountain biking trails.  The trails were filled with many switchbacks, lots of obstacles and waaaaay too many hills.  The course was a 6.3km loop that we completed twice to complete the 12.6km.
The first loop was super challenging and fun, but nearing the end of it I doubted whether I could complete another loop, especially in the heat.  My cousin pushed me to start the final loop and at least walk it to make it to the finish!  I pushed myself to run when I could and I finished the race!  It was not the prettiest finish I have, but I am proud of the determination it took to complete the race.
Annie, myself and Jess
In the Friday Five linkup with CourtneyCynthia and Mar here are 5 things I learned from this race:
  1. Heat and I do not work well together – I need to practice running more during the heat to get more acclimatized
  2. A slow finish is better than a DNF – thanks to my wonderful cousin who pushed me because she knew I would not be happy if I didn’t finish.  I am glad I pushed through and got the finish under my belt
  3. Vega Recovery does not work well with my stomach – I used to drink this regularly after long runs, but it is no longer is agreeing with me and I will now have to find a new post race drink (any suggestions would be wonderful!)
  4. Trail races are my favourite – I determined that the trail running community is where I like to be.  I enjoy running on a beautiful trail much more than running on the road!
  5. I enjoy running with friends – For me the race is not about being the fastest or winning (because I know that is unlikely) but I enjoy running and catching up with friends at races.  I hope to meet many new friends along the way and to continue to see them at races!



6 thoughts on “Race Recap: 5 Peaks Albion Hills – Friday Five

  1. A slow finish is ALWAYS better than no finish and friends will ALWAYS push you to the end! Great job and thanks for linking up!


  2. Great job! I did a trail race a few weeks ago (still slacking on the recap). I was signed up for the 10 mile but stopped after the first lap (5 miles). It wasn’t a goal for me and I felt like if I went around again, I’d get hurt and mess up my marathon training. I guess trail racing just isn’t my thing. Thanks for linking up!


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