Friday Five Linkup: Killbear Camping! and 30×30 Challenge – Get Outside!

This week’s Friday Five Linkup with CourtneyCynthia and Mar is a day in the life! So what’s more fun than me sharing a day of doing something I love, hanging outdoors and camping

From Monday – Wednesday my boyfriend and I made our way to Killbear Provincial Park just outside of Parry Sound.  This was our first camping trip of the summer and we were both super excited!

Our first sunset on Georgian Bay

We woke up on Monday morning, finished packing up our stuff and hit the road by 12:30.  It was about a 2 hour drive to the park and we made our way there with only one small glitch (we got a little bit lost, but not too far).


We got to our campsite just after 3 and began setting up.  It took us just under two hours to set everything up and by then it was time for dinner!  After dinner we headed to the point to watch the sunset over the water.  It was beautiful, I love sunset so much!


We spent the rest of our days out on the water in my Aunt and Uncle’s sailboat, biking around the park and exploring the outdoors.  We enjoyed lots of bon fires and yummy food while relaxing!

My aunt and I on Georgian Bay
My cousin atop the cliffs

Although this may not be a typical day (I don’t camp all the time even if I wish I could) I do try to spend most days similar to this!  I enjoy spending lots of time outdoors and like to either run or walk or workout outside to get in some nature time!  I have even signed up for the 30×30 Nature Challenge this summer!  This challenge encourages people to get outside for at least 30 minutes every day this August and enjoy the outdoors!  I encourage you to check it out and try to do the same!

What is your favourite way to spend time outdoors?!


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