#MotivateMe Monday – Getting Race Ready!

Who’s ready for a new week and a new attitude?!  I know I am!  I have got to get my training amped up and ready for my race in just under a month!  Today I am linking up with Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel to get myself motivated for a new week of training!

Getting motivated lately has been really hard!  I have not been enjoying running in the heat but have lately been able to run early in the morning or later at night to avoid the heat!  This week my goal to is to hit every workout in my training plan which looks like this!

Monday: 14km (7km in morning, 7km at night)

Tuesday: yoga in morning, cross-train in evening

Wednesday: 7km easy run in morning

Thursday: 10km run

Friday: yoga/rest

Saturday: 10km run

Sunday: 10km run

Next up, here’s a fun Mad Lib to try.  This #sweatpink mad lib is sharing an awesome new collection in the prAna fall line up that I am super excited to try out!  This week we’re partnering up with prAna to help us get closer to our goal of #1MillionMinutes! 

prAna has just launched their new Fall collection and we could not be more excited. So many cute pieces to choose from. What’s on your wish list for fall?

I’m so excited to rack up more minutes towards our incredible [adj] goal of reaching 1 million minutes this summer!  While most of my sweat has come from running [type of activity], I have also done quite a bit of yoga [type of activity].

To motivate myself to get from run [workout / activity] to run [workout / activity] and through my day, I always have to be armed with a plan [noun]. I find that the more organized [adj] that I am, the more successful [adj] I am at achieving my goals.

Since staying on track requires so much hard work, I think it’s important that I treat myself! If I were going to reward myself with something from prAna this week, it would most definitely be Soleil Bra Top [item(s) from prAna] because it looks so comfortable.


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