Wow it’s been a while! I took a hiatus from both running and blogging for a bit.  It was a well needed break to get refreshed and fall back into love with running.  Now that my favourite running season is back upon us I am very excited to be back out on the trails. The only trouble with taking a break from running was that my previously arranged races weren’t going away!  So alas, I rearranged my goals and headed out to Haliburton.

I was very nervous on race morning, not having run more than 4km in the past month and having to complete a 12km race.  I ate a little breakfast, got my clothes all ready and headed over to the start area.  It was a beautiful, cool morning, the perfect setting for running a race.

The course was a wonderful out and back course, that followed a forest road for the first portion, and then turned onto a wonderful single-track trail.  The course was the perfect combination of technical and easy.  Rooty and uphill sections were followed by flat, wider sections.  I had two favourite moments while running this race.  One of these was jumping over a large tree that was blocking the trail.  Another, was upon turning around at the aid station, I was about to start climbing one of the final hills and a porcupine came sauntering over the hill crest.  I stood for a moment and let him turn around and move off into the bush.

This race was the most fun I have had all summer while running.  I enjoyed every moment of being out on the trail and taking in the beautiful views of the Haliburton Forest.  I fell in love again with running during this race and vowed to never doubt my capabilities again!



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