For anyone who’s unfamiliar, adventure racing is super fun.  It’s a race that involves a variety of disciplines, and in this case we took part as a team.  I had found out about this race through web searching and other races and pitched the idea to my boyfriend and my cousin. The four of us signed up together, in two teams of two, and decided to take the plunge together!


The most fun part of the race is that the race course is not made available until race check in.  You show up, sign in and get your map to plan you route.  We had a list of instructions that told us which disciplines would come first, we were told to canoe, bike, run and then paddle board.


The concept of the race was to reach checkpoints during each of the disciplines along the course, until the final checkpoint.  We had a wonderful day, running and biking through the trails and paddling across the beautiful lake at Kelso Conservation Area.  The disciplines were broken up into smaller chunks which made the 25km distance easier to cover.

Overall, the race was fantastic!  It was a well laid out race.  The aid station was placed at a great spot, the only thing was that they were running out of water and wouldn’t let us fill up or packs.  But we made do with how much water we had and finished just before the downpour that started.


To anyone looking to try an adventure race, I would highly recommend trying a Storm Racing event.  They were highly organized and super positive about the entire event.  I cannot wait to go back next year and try the course again with more knowledge about how the race runs!



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