This week’s Friday Five Linkup with CourtneyCynthia and Mar is a day in the life! This week is a free topic week so I thought I would share a recap from a past race!IMG_0764 (1)This race was a spooky one!  It was on Halloween 2015 and was very well coordinated with it’s holiday.  There were decorations and characters all relating to the Halloween theme that really added to the entertainment for the day.

IMG_0772We arrived nice and early to the race and got signed in and received our socks as swag (side note: I LOVE these socks.  They are Wrightsocks and I have bought several more pairs since the race).  Anyway, after check-in we went back to the car to have our pre-race snack and grab all of our gear.  This course was a 2.5km loop that we would be completing 4 times for the 10km.  I am very happy that we did not decide to do any more than a 10km because I don’t think I could keep running in a loop for that long.

20151031_140325000_iOSOn that note, the loop was beautiful.  The October weather was wonderfully mild and the leaves were beautiful colours throughout the whole course.  There was only one real hill on the loop and it was not very long, but kind of steep.  We took it easy throughout the course and finished just over an hour, well on par with our road times which was great!  I will definitely be back to try this race again!20151031_143428784_iOS


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