Race Recap: MEC BARRIE RACE #1 2016

What a great way to start off the 2016 racing season!  I got the MEC series Race entries as a Christmas present this year so I am signed up for five of them over the course of the season.  They are so reasonable and well run that it’s hard not to love them and want to continue running them!

The first race of the season took place at the Barrie waterfront just like the race from last year.  I was registered for the 10km again and was hoping to PR.  I set out running by feel, but also trying to push myself.  After the first few kilometers I knew that I had about a minute of time banked to beat my PR so I kept pushing and holding myself on pace.  By the last few kms I was seeing my PR within reach so I kept pushing until I crossed the finish line.  My new PR was 30 seconds faster than my old one and I was thrilled!

I grabbed some post-race snacks (I love the mini Clif bars they always have at the MEC races) and then I headed back home.  The only trouble with this race was that it was freezing cold so I didn’t really want to hang around too long to enjoy the post-race festivities.  I am so happy with my Christmas present and my new PR.  It was a great race!


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