Race Recap: Mississauga Half Marathon

This race was a long story!  I got talked into signing up for my second marathon by a friend and was planning on doing it at the Mississauga race.  Come February, I was really busy at school, getting back into figure skating and knew that I wouldn’t be in marathon shape.  So I switched down to the half marathon and began training for the half distance.

Come May, I was super excited for the half and hoping I might be able to PR.  I have only ever raced one other half marathon (Base Borden) and that one didn’t go very well so I was hoping a PR was possible.

On race day, we woke up and it was raining.  Not exactly the weather I was hoping for.  We gathered our belongings, grabbed some extra rainproof for waiting before the race and headed down to the start line.

The start line was very well organized, and our wait went by in no time.  We were in the corrals and starting our half marathon!  I was running with two friends for the race so the time flew by.  We chatted, shared stories and I kept my eye on the pace.  I knew that we had a lot of room with pacing so we kept it pretty slow to make sure we would have enough left for the end of the race.


The rain hardly bothered us throughout the race and before we knew it we were crossing the finish line!  I had an eighteen minute PR!  I was so happy because this was the half marathon time I had expected from myself back in September.

The race had a great selection of post-race snacks.  We loaded up and then headed back to the car as it was so cold once we stopped running and were stuck in the rain!



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