This was my first trail race of 2016 and it could not have come any sooner.  I was enjoying my other races but I love running on the trails and just wanted to stick to them for a bit.

This race was again part of the race series I received as a gift for Christmas.  Race 1 recap is here.  The second race took place just outside of Barrie in a forest on some wonderful single track trails.  I was signed up for the 15km race this time and was looking forward to a brand new PR as I’d never done a 15km race 😉  2016 is turning out to be a great year for PRs!

Again, just like the Mississauga Half, the morning was rainy from the minute we woke up.  I was disappointed that the weather was not cooperating, but still looking forward to running in some new trails.

I picked up my race package early, so arrived at the race site, grabbed by timer and was able to wait in my car to stay dry.  Once race time arrived, I braved the rain and headed out onto a woven trail of 3 5km loops.  There were some tough climbs in the trail, but nothing too difficult and the time flew by as I was looking around at all of the beautiful sights in the forest.  I had a bit of a snack around an hour of running and kept on going through the trails.  The rain hadn’t let up at all so once I crossed the finish line with my new PR I was ready to head home.  I grabbed a quick snack from the post-race station and headed home.

This race has showed me an awesome new trail that I will continue to come back to for a great workout!


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