Algonquin Backpacking Adventure

I am finally catching up on a backlog of posts and am so excited to share all of the adventures I have been up to lately!  One of the most exciting and crazy adventures I took this summer was a backpacking trip to Algonquin.

Last year I began looking into backpacking trips and thought it might be something I would enjoy.  My cousin and I decided we would make an adventure of it and spend a few nights on the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail.  We ended up only having time for one night, so we made our way up to Algonquin on Saturday morning and hiked into the woods.  We had a great time on the trail and enjoyed hiking together!

Here are some pictures of our trip!


2 thoughts on “Algonquin Backpacking Adventure

  1. We hiked a 60km loop of the Uplands a few years back. If you have a chance , there is a 21km overnight loop on the Highlands trail that’s really good. Especially scenic on the second day.


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