Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge

Glass Slipper Challenge

For my birthday, I decided I would treat myself to the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney World this past February.  I made it into a week-long trip to celebrate with my mom.

I felt pretty good leading up to the challenge, however I hadn’t been hitting my long runs as much as I would have liked.  I was running consistently through the week, but not getting out for much more than an hour on the weekends and was kind of worried the half might be more challenging than usual due to my lack of training.

We got to the expo early on Friday and had so much fun looking at all of the vendors.  Once again, runDisney put on a wonderful expo with a lot of options and exciting things to buy!


Enchanted 10k

The 10k took place on Saturday morning.  I was using it as a dry run for Sunday morning to work out timing of busing and getting to the corral.  My alarm went off much too early, I got ready and headed to the buses.

All went off without a hitch and I made it to my corral with plenty of time to spare.  I enjoyed listening to a podcast and waiting in the corral  for the race to start.

My plan was to enjoy the race, take it slow to save my legs for the half, and have fun in the magic of Disney. The course was beautiful as we ran through Epcot at dawn.  The sun was rising just as I was coming through the different countries and I had so much fun looking around the boardwalk.

The finish line came pretty soon and I was thankful to be done and head back to bed! Part 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge complete!


Princess Half Marathon

Round two, and I was feeling a little sore.  My back was tired from the 10k run the day before but I was determined to make it through my race.  I woke up early, made it to the bus and got to my corral early once again.

The starting line was full of excitement as we all waited our turn to be sent off.  The race was magical every step of the way.  I enjoyed running past all of the character signs, character stops and past all of the beautiful scenery.

We made it to Magic Kingdom and I loved running through Main St.  We turned the corner and saw Cinderella’s castle.  I stopped to take a few pictures 🙂 (I wasn’t the only one with that idea!)


The race went by again without any major troubles and was over before I knew it.  I was so excited getting near the end and tried to up my pace a bit to push myself a little harder.  I crossed the finish line and received my two medals, proud of the challenge I had just accomplished.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and unwinding after a long two days.  I ate lots and enjoyed my last day in the Florida sunshine. Can’t wait to head back for another challenge!


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