Hi, I’m Tory and this is my little page I created to share my thoughts.

I am a recent university graduate in Nutrition looking for my next step along this nutrition path.  Although I hopefully would like to become a Registered Dietitian, I am not one yet.  I do my best to post valid and researched information, however make sure that before you change anything about your diet or health that you check with your health care provider.

The name of my blog “Keep Calm and Live Well” embraces all of the things I love most.  I believe that in order to live well you must eat well, be active and have a positive mental attitude.  That is why I share with you recipes, running adventures and my thoughts on how to live well.  I am an active person, who loves the outdoors.  I recently took up running and completed my first marathon this January.  I am a former varsity figure skater and began running when I needed a way to keep active after the figure skating season was over.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that I can inspire you to get active and eat well!

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