Surfset Fitness Review: A wicked way to shake up your workout!

I had my fourth Surfset class tonight and I am officially in love!  I have tried three different types of the class and tonight was my favourite.  The Nourish members have been so nice and welcoming and I have loved getting to try these classes! The first class, Surfset Balance, was a slower paced class that … Continue reading Surfset Fitness Review: A wicked way to shake up your workout!


Boredom Busting Treadmill Workouts!

Anyone else getting sick of the treadmill this winter?!  I am not particularly found of the treadmill at anytime, let alone when its my only option for a run.  I found this awesome link that shows 12 different workouts for the treadmill that will be sure to get you fit and keep you from going … Continue reading Boredom Busting Treadmill Workouts!

Killer Treadmill Workout!

This workout from Popsugar is an awesome treadmill workout to mix it up when you're sick of just running! Be sure to go slow and take it easy when first starting any type of workout! Happy sweating! Beginner Barry's Bootcamp Workout Time Speed (mph) Incline (%) Notes 0:00-1:00 5 2 Round 1 1:00-2:00 6 2 … Continue reading Killer Treadmill Workout!


MoveIt Monday & WinterShapeUp

Today I joined two campaigns for wellness! I joined in on MoveIt Monday which is about making sure you get up and become active.  I also joined the WinterShapeUp a week late but it is an awesome workout.  I am hoping to become fitter, and stay active during the winter!  We got a huge dump of snow last … Continue reading MoveIt Monday & WinterShapeUp