Race Recap: MEC BARRIE RACE #1 2016

What a great way to start off the 2016 racing season!  I got the MEC series Race entries as a Christmas present this year so I am signed up for five of them over the course of the season.  They are so reasonable and well run that it’s hard not to love them and want … Continue reading Race Recap: MEC BARRIE RACE #1 2016


Trying Something New: Yoga!

I finally found the courage to try something new!  I have been wanting to find a place in town where I could do some yoga a few times a week and today I tried my first class!  The studio is super cool and has a really neat look to it. I signed up for the … Continue reading Trying Something New: Yoga!

Killer Treadmill Workout!

This workout from Popsugar is an awesome treadmill workout to mix it up when you're sick of just running! Be sure to go slow and take it easy when first starting any type of workout! Happy sweating! Beginner Barry's Bootcamp Workout Time Speed (mph) Incline (%) Notes 0:00-1:00 5 2 Round 1 1:00-2:00 6 2 … Continue reading Killer Treadmill Workout!

Winter Running Motivation

Anyone else having trouble getting up when it's still dark out and making yourself go outside to run in the freezing cold temperatures?  I certainly was.  The winter is finally reaching that point where it has been cold for a while now, and I'm ready for it to be over!  I have been looking for … Continue reading Winter Running Motivation

To pace or not to pace?

I was recently asked by a friend if I would pace her through her first half marathon.  I have not yet paced anyone and have only completed one half marathon myself.  During marathon training I ran several long runs that were above half marathon distance but still have not completed another half marathon.  She said … Continue reading To pace or not to pace?

Making breakfast easy!

Everyone knows how important breakfast is! But sometimes it can be hard to fit breakfast in when you're rushing out the door.. This is one of my favourite recipes to make something that is quick and easy for the morning.  These overnight oats are easy to make the night before and you just have to … Continue reading Making breakfast easy!

Race Recap: Walt Disnet World Marathon

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post ever!  I thought since I want to focus this blog on healthy living I would write my first post on my very first marathon! Two weeks ago I finished my first marathon at the runDisney Marathon Weekend.  It was the most fantastic experience.  I finished the marathon … Continue reading Race Recap: Walt Disnet World Marathon