Algonquin Backpacking Adventure

I am finally catching up on a backlog of posts and am so excited to share all of the adventures I have been up to lately!  One of the most exciting and crazy adventures I took this summer was a backpacking trip to Algonquin. Last year I began looking into backpacking trips and thought it … Continue reading Algonquin Backpacking Adventure


Race Recap: MEC BARRIE RACE #2

This was my first trail race of 2016 and it could not have come any sooner.  I was enjoying my other races but I love running on the trails and just wanted to stick to them for a bit. This race was again part of the race series I received as a gift for Christmas.  … Continue reading Race Recap: MEC BARRIE RACE #2

Mountain Biking Adventures!

As you may have read already, I started mountain biking this year, and I am really loving it!  I have been riding weekly when I can at the Hardwood Hills Wednesday night race series and I have been off on a few other adventures as well.  I am enjoying having the flexibility of choosing whether … Continue reading Mountain Biking Adventures!

Long Weekend Outdoor Fun!

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?!  Mine was fantastic!  It was a long weekend for us so I got to enjoy it at the Cottage and out on the trails!  Cottage sunsets are my favourite thing in the world. I finally hit up the cottage trail for the first time this summer, which was super … Continue reading Long Weekend Outdoor Fun!

#MotivateMe Monday: Post-Race Check-in!

Happy Easter Monday! I am linking up with Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel to update my training from this week! Last week I did pretty well with my training!  I hit 30/34 km by switching some things around and trying to substitute some of the program! The plan for this week will kick up the training and hopefully work in … Continue reading #MotivateMe Monday: Post-Race Check-in!

100 Finds! A Week of Spring Geocaching

This past week I finally hit 100 finds!  After only geocaching for about 10 months I was super excited to make it to 100 finds.  Usually these finds come during a vacation exploring a new city or while out on the trails!  The 100th find came on a walk with my boyfriend near his home. … Continue reading 100 Finds! A Week of Spring Geocaching