Race Recap: Storm the ‘Scarpment – My First Adventure Race

For anyone who's unfamiliar, adventure racing is super fun.  It's a race that involves a variety of disciplines, and in this case we took part as a team.  I had found out about this race through web searching and other races and pitched the idea to my boyfriend and my cousin. The four of us … Continue reading Race Recap: Storm the ‘Scarpment – My First Adventure Race


Long Weekend Outdoor Fun!

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?!  Mine was fantastic!  It was a long weekend for us so I got to enjoy it at the Cottage and out on the trails!  Cottage sunsets are my favourite thing in the world. I finally hit up the cottage trail for the first time this summer, which was super … Continue reading Long Weekend Outdoor Fun!

Trying Something New: Mountain Biking!

Over the past few days I have been hitting the trails a lot, except this time I have been biking.  I took my first ride of Tuesday afternoon in Glen Major Forest in Pickering and it was awesome.  My boyfriend and I did a 4km ride through the trails and it was a super fun … Continue reading Trying Something New: Mountain Biking!

100 Finds! A Week of Spring Geocaching

This past week I finally hit 100 finds!  After only geocaching for about 10 months I was super excited to make it to 100 finds.  Usually these finds come during a vacation exploring a new city or while out on the trails!  The 100th find came on a walk with my boyfriend near his home. … Continue reading 100 Finds! A Week of Spring Geocaching

Snow Tubing Fun!

Another winter first!  Today we spent the evening snow tubing.  It was so much fun! I have not been snow tubing in years and I am glad to be enjoying the winter outdoors! We went to Horseshoe Resort and enjoyed the snow tubing at the Adventure Park.  The hills were in great condition and the … Continue reading Snow Tubing Fun!


I have to admit, I am a huge fan of geocaching.  My family is really into it and we enjoy taking adventures to many different places to find caches!  For those of you who don't know geocaching is called a "real world pressure hunt".  Basically it's a purposeful way to explore new areas.  This is … Continue reading Geocaching